Memphis TNT Boxing Academy was established on September 6, 2016 to strategically                                                                empower young athletes to become great fighters, leaders, and positive influential examples                                                      within our community. We believe that the sport of boxing teaches our youth to be                                                                    disciplined, empowered, skilled, fit and focused. 


                                         Our boxing club is registered with USA Boxing and is scheduled to participate in all upcoming USA                                              Boxing sanctioned title events within the nation.


We have Amateur Boxers that have shown to be truly dedicated to the hard work, commitment and determination needed to become a successful athletes, leaders and mentors of tomorrow.


Our goal at Memphis “TNT” Boxing Academy is to help our youth achieve their divine purpose. We are confident that the sport of boxing will bring integrity,pride and unity among our youth and within their homes, school and community. We strive to accomplish this by offering the highest quality of innovative, enjoyable instruction and demonstration in a fun, clean, safe and positive environment.


Our aim is to encourage our youth to lead healthier lifestyles, and to assist them in reaching their fullest potential. We encourage our youth to become active members and participants of the USA Amateur Boxing Tournaments which would prepare them to become Olympic Boxing Champions, Professional Boxers, Youth Mentors, Boxing Coaches, Boxing Managers and Successful Entrepreneurs within their communities.  


We seek to touch the lives of as many boys and girls possible with the positive benefits of empowerment, discipline, and leadership that our program has to offer.

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Memphis TNT Boxing Club is a affiliate of Building Blocks Mentoring Program.ALL righs reserved         EIN# 80-8023718