In the city of the Memphis Grizzlies, Home of the Blues and Bar-b-que Building Lives Academy has plenty to brag about and to enjoy. From watching the premier Memphis Tigers basketball and football teams to sitting in the stands cheering for the Memphis Redbirds and 901FC Soccer Club how can you miss out. Giving back to the community is something we will be proud about and ensure our students are playing thier part. In partnership with our parent company Building Blocks Mentoring Program our students will make a difference in Memphis.

Community Outreach


Our student's participate in regular community service events through the city and surrounding areas. In partnership with Building Blocks Mentoring Program we are obligated to make a difference.



One of life's biggest accomplishments is having and giving back. Our students will have the opportunity to help underprivileged youth in the Memphis area with local schools and community centers.



At Tennessee Preparatory Academy we believe in providing our student athletes with the tools to not only be successful on the court or field, but also in the classroom and labs. Partnerships and collaborations are key, and we will continue to expose our students to companies and schools for the betterment of their future.