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Mr. Williams comes highly reccommended with over 10 years of experience in the basketball and youth leadership feilds. Mr. Williams was born and rasied in Memphis, Tn. His up bringing includes a retired Memphis Poilce Department officer Major Wayne Williams Sr. and retired Memphis City Schools teacher Mrs. Vernita Williams. 


Mr. Williams graduated from Whiteheaven High School and later earned his degree from the University of Memphis. His experienced and knowledge and hardwork gained him the position with the Memphis Park Comission as a youth conselor for 5 years. Currently Mr. Williams is the youth coordinator for (MAM) Memphis Athletic Ministries.


During the spring and summer months Mr. Williams mentors and coaches young men as a head coach and the middle school director of Team Magic Elite Adidas Grassroots basketball program.


He is happily maried to Meosha Williams and has two beautiful girls Audrey and Aubrey Williams.