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Mr. Stephon Smallwood was born in Washington, DC. While living in the Nations Capital he played sports such as pee-wee football, little league basketball and baseball. This was a way for Stephon to escape the troubles and peer pressure of the city streets and crime. Throughout the years Stephon was recognized as one of the best at his age in pee-wee football where he had the pleasure of meeting former President of the United States Mr. George Bush Sr. at the White House. His parents agreed to moved him to Memphis, TN in 1994 for a more productive life and surroundings. He attended Ridgeway High School and transferred to Kirby High School were he ran track and played football, and he also graduated in 1997. Mr. Smallwood attended Coahoma Jr. College in 1998 were he studied Business Management and also attended the University of Memphis in 1999 were he studied psychology. During his journey in Memphis he met and married Catina and they have been blessed with a daughter Jessika, Jaya and a son Jason.


Making the best of every opportunity and finding a support system with peers and positive influences, Stephon knows how important it is to have a positive role model, wing-man, mentor, or just a friend to listen or to help you in your everyday life. His love and support for helping the youth of this city is something he doesn’t take lightly.


Mr. Smallwood has been active in the community with young people in the connect mentoring program throughout the Memphis City Schools which enlightened him to develop Building Blocks Mentoring Program for at-risk youth and teens. Stephon wants to give back to the community and allow young people a chance that he received so the youth of today can and will make better choices tomorrow.

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